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Spoopy Pastel Clear Stickers


Image of Spoopy Pastel Clear Stickers

Do you love all things spoopy and pastel ? Are you looking to add a little extra magic in your life ? If so, then these clear stickers, which are printed on transparent vinyl, are just for you !

Whether you wanna slap one of these babies on your water bottle, laptop, car, wall, or whatever else you can think of, they will stick and spice up everything you slap em on.

• 3 inches tall of pure spoopy pastel magic

• Clear Cut (the backing/negative space area are clear)

• Made with UV Protected Laminate - this protects the stickers against fading, cracking or peeling, while also making them scratch resistant

• Made with Rich and Vibrant Colours

• Waterproof Adhesive - Your sticker won't come off in the rain, snow or the side of a boat! They can even be run through the dishwasher

• Removable Backing Paper - Easy to peel silicon coated backing paper protects the adhesive until you're ready to put your sticker on something